proofreading & Editing

For a passionate writer, it is not enough to have a great alignment of words. The person who pours from within will always look for perfection. As a consequence, proofreading (hundreds of times, if necessary) and editing are two actions to never be left aside. A good writer knows that errors or lack of proper structure can decrease the value of a piece, irrespective of how appealing it may be.

Let us explain why:

I. Proofreading is mandatory, regardless of the length of a text. Whether you create content for social media (thus, mainly short posts) or you are creating true legacy pearls - books, spell check is a must. Especially nowadays, when pen and paper are no longer (so much) in trend, we do everything "in high speed" and the automatic corrector can trick us.


How many time have you published (or came across) something that seemed perfect, yet errors got in the way of greatness?


Here are a few of the most common mistakes people tend to overlook:

  • Letter(s) interchange - misspelling (a.k.a typos);

  • Letter(s) omission;

  • Punctuation signs (full stop, comma or apostrophe omission, hyphen misplacement, missing quotation marks, semicolon misuse, etc.);

  • Improper use of words that sound the same but have different written formats.

Having these minor adjustments made for you is what we offer. And you will never again have to worry about the impression you leave your audience with.

We want your business to thrive,

not to get stuck due to (minor) errors!

II. Editing is what makes your piece of writing outstanding. From removing unnecessary spaces to breaking huge blocks of text into shorter phrases, editors are here to add value to your work. 

Let us tell you a small secret: great editors do not stick to their lane while reading the text, if it has been provided for proofreading only. They will transparently inform the client about the necessary actions to be taken. The secret is, in fact, that they will most certainly "get their hands dirty" and start making the necessary adjustments once the first inconsistency is encountered.

Once you engage with our editing services, your work will:

  • Gain a clear structure;

  • Be addressed (depending on the target audience) in the proper tone of voice;

  • Be written using the right amount and quality of words, for an easy reading;

  • Have no misuse of tenses, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, etc.; 

  • Send the message that clearly defines you and your area of expertise.

Minding these aspects might very well turn you into the hero - people will "fall in love at first reading".







Our job is to help you make 

readers crave for more!