Welcome to 2020! Make this decade a new story!

The decade that just ended brought many changes to the world, one of the most significant being the rise of AI. Of course, there were many more improvements worthy of being mentioned, others would rather be forgotten, yet the human mind likes to focus on the most relevant element.

Therefore, since the material world is constantly being adjusted, we at Flavored Ventures aim to make an important impact on the mind. As soon as the mind is being taken care of, in a positive manner, all the other necessary changes follow.

Today, on January 1st 2020, we would like to warmly invite you all to analyze your experience with the decade that has just come to an end. The questions below may come in handy:

a) Was it how you imagined it?

b) Did it go by too fast and you couldn't possibly say how you feel about it?

c) On the flip side, was tracking changes one of your purposes?

d) Did you manage to reach at least one goal, each year?

e) Are you happy with the way this decade ended?

f) Before it ended, did you set any goals for the new decade?

We all have the same 10 years ahead of us. Nonetheless, the changes we choose to make during this time frame are up to each of us. We can make these years count and leave a significant legacy when lights go out.

Today, as a new decade unfolds its magic, let us all take a trip inside of our souls. Let us figure out how we can change the world, in the smallest of ways. Hand in hand, starting with ourselves, we create ripple effects. And, before we know it, we will witness the changes we always wanted to be made.