#FlavoredWriting recipe (everyone is invited)

People love the type of writing that can bring up 🍬A bit of emotion 🍬Some great memories


🍬Some lesson we can apply on ourselves.

The aspects above can be mixed in whatever quantity, as it’s never too much of one. Of course, taste depends on individual choice.

However, today's recipe consists in more than just that. It's about that pinch of pixie dust that each talented writer has in their small "fairy" bag. [Don't worry, your writing piece won't fly by itself. Pixie dust does that to fairies only.] It is about:

🍬 The curiosity degree (it might pinch for a bit) 🍬 How well you sketch the visual with words (or how courageous you are to let your imagination fly and come back with the "secret sauce").

#FlavoredWriting is like a Sundae ice-cream :)

1. Prepare passion 💙 (The cone of the ice-cream)

2. Mix 🍨 Simple words with 🍨 Metaphors Or start from an 🍨Analogy (Main ingredients - stir until the text becomes homogeneous; no predefined preparing time needed)

3. Sprinkle details (chocolate chips or differently flavored candies)

4. !! (Secret ingredient) !! 🍒 Decorate with CARE

5. 🍨 Serve immediately and eat before melting (especially during summer, yet any season will do; it tastes as good).

6. Delight your senses!

What’s YOUR unique ingredient for a #FlavoredWriting?

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