Core Values

we engage with


You might want to consider having your fun cap on while going through the information below. However, reading between the lines is recommended.

Trust - Customers won't trust us if we don't trust each other. Look into each other's eyes and see the beauty. Then get to work, together.
Transparency - Whether we play with words or feel stuck, we find it fair to share. At least everybody knows what to expect.
equality - Pizza tastes better when we all get a slice. Regardless of the skin color, we all have the right to voice our minds and to follow the growth path.
Creativity - If you're a weirdo and you know it, clap your hands. 'Cause we all are and we enjoy every second. What other way for us to craft all this cool stuff?
integrity - Nobody can take it out of our veins. It's a way of life.
courage - It's always there. Our customers need some, too.

Dare to have fun with us?

growth - Just like kids love to play, we love to learn. Although we are all adults, we admit that none of us is perfect. But we are constantly working on it.
Respect & Care - Every team member is unique. We respect ourselves and each other because we want to. We then manifest this as care for our customers.