We are very fond of the word creativity and we have a strong reason for it: brainstorming for off-charts ideas is one of our main strengths. Plus, we know that creativity takes us in whatever world we craft (and sometimes we crave for bringing that world on earth, but that's another topic). 

Given the phrase above, you might have noticed that we are not the typical team you will meet in other companies. We let our inner child out to play, so we might very well take you for a walk in the park during an offline consulting meeting. Or to have a coffee. Or both. We will figure out when the time comes. 

For the online meetings, there is not much we can adjust about the environment. Nonetheless, our existing customers already know that jokes are "in the menu".  Therefore, we warmly invite you to grab a comfortable chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee/ tea and open your heart and mind.



In our eyes, consulting should be anything but rigid. And we are sure of this: by the end of our meeting we will all have a brighter day!

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