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Creativity           Unleashed

     When passion is the propeller, there's no other way but obtaining an outstanding result. We learned this on our own skin, as we come from content writing & editing to video creation & editing on a mobile device, literally anywhere. Web design and mobile apps joined in, making possible the encounter of creativity with technology.


Why are we different?

what superpowers do we have?

Flavored Writing

What do interviews, videos, songs, emails, ads, books, movies, websites and mobile apps have in common? One word: writing. But flavor makes the difference.


Each language has its own beauty. When it comes to business (yet not limited to) being able to convey a message in the receiver's mother tongue ensures a greater success rate.

web & mobile apps

Prospective customers who come across a business and are interested in it will look for a website, to learn more. Additionally, mobile apps are getting more and more popular by the day.

proofreading & editing

Irrespective of the purpose of a piece of writing (websites, books, scripts, etc) proofreading and editing are mandatory. The message should be clear, well structured and should have no errors.


Many times, when we have an idea we either lack the courage to put it out there or we get lost in the process, not knowing how to continue what we started. The same applies to writing.

video content

It is a proven fact that businesses using written and video content get better results. Video content is currently riding the wave. The script makes all the difference.


Letter to our visitors

“Life is an incredibly beautiful journey, if we learn how to look at it. As a woman in the business world, I am fully aware of the challenges in the market. However, just like in the personal space, I know that each and every obstacle is there for a reason. And the reason is to overcome that very limitation. 


Emotional writing is all about “talking” to the senses of your prospective clients. The business world is rigid enough as it is, so conveying your message in a completely different manner will get you closer to your customers’ hearts. What could be more beautiful than that?

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Andrada Anitei

The same principle applies to every single service we offer to our clients. Whether it is website or mobile apps development, or video creation/ editing, we focus on quality over quantity. We encourage our clients to open their hearts and boldly use the materials we provide to send a different, perspective-shifting message.”

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